Bush Hill Park Golf Club

Bush Hill Park Golf Club

Bush Hill Park Golf Club (BHPGC) is an 18 holes golf club located in the quiet, leafy suburbs of Winchmore Hill in Enfield Town in North London. The club boasts of a 5,767 yards (5,273 metres) course that is generally acknowledged to be one of the best in the region owing to the variety and difficulty of its holes, particularly the shorter ones.


The club was formally established in 1895 by 161 founding members with a nine hole golf course. 14 years later, the course was expanded and a new 18 holes golf course was designed and built under the supervision of James Braid and Harry Vardon, two of the greatest golfers of the era and part of the Great Triumvirate which dominated the sport at the time.

BHPGC is a private members club which currently boasts of over 600 members that include some of the most respected names in the region. BHPGC is also an affiliate of the Association of James Braid Courses, which means that club members are able to play and use the facilities at other affiliate courses in England, Scotland, Wales and the United States, even private ones, at reduce rates.

Aside from golfing related facilities, the club also offers other amenities, such as a restaurant and bar, to members. There is also a lively social calendar throughout the year. Its venues, which are situated inside 100 acres of mature woodland forest, can also be rented for private and business events. In need of some new golf gear and/or equipment, we have select partnerships with suppliers who you can order things such as golf shoes and more online.

About Winchmore Hill, Enfield Town

Winchmore Hill is a quiet town of 12,000 people that was founded by the Celtic Catuvellauni tribe about 1,600 years ago. Originally known as Wynsemerhull, Winchmore Hillhas had a relatively quiet existence bereft of any major economic activity or social turmoil for well over a millennia. In fact, the first official mention of the hamlet came in the early 14th century, when local officials made a passing notation of the existence of an agricultural settlement here.

Today, Winchmore Hill has evolved into an affluent little town with lovely Edwardian homes, clean streets, lush parks, and eclectic assortments of restaurants, pubs, and shops – all with easy access to London and other nearby centres of populations.